In my Quest to be…….

A new year is a hope for many in different ways. A hope which instills good in the mind, brings happiness and brings the change to become better or best. For many a second chance to let go off the past and start afresh.

In the search to become more productive , happy and content I chose this year to plan out my life and execute it meticulously. No particular spiritual/religious reason for choosing New Year, just a psychological reason to start fresh.

So where shall I begin? My ups and downs? My short term goals/long term goals? Do I really know anything about them ? At least a clue? Nah !I am not sure. Hence I will be needing all the self help books in order to first figure myself out

I am sure of one thing about me. I am an excellent procrastinator :)

(As a matter of fact i had planned to publish this post on first week of Jan 2016. Now its February already !)I don’t take pride in saying so but it is the bitter truth. All this while I thought procrastination is same as laziness! But I am entirely WRONG !! Let me explain.

A famous Quote by Bill Gates:

” I always get lazy people to do hard jobs, they do it the easiest way ”

So lazy people somehow manage to get things done. OMG! Procastination is worse then being lazy. It is not that you don’t want to do stuff but you want to do it so perfectly, you never find the right time to do it. At the end of the day, not only your work is incomplete, you are left with a guilty mind too! This not only spoils your reputation but also damages your self confidence.

My blog is the best example. If were lazy, I would have cut copied pasted some article in my blog and kept it active. But I wanted it to be perfect, a masterpiece and of my own creation. To my dismay, I ended up with many drafts rather than published posts.

If you are reading this post in my blog then I have stepped up. I am not entirely satisfied with this write up. There are lots of mistakes(of course my bro did a fine job correcting them) and hardly any content. but I think this is a good start. Im rather happy with the fact that I have started to write again.

“In my quest to become perfect, I am happy to be something rather than Nothing!”


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