Blood Donation

I always campaign about donating blood . Have I ever donated blood?
Yes, I did quite a few times. So how did it all start?

Was my first donation on my first birthday?
No, I donated only after i was 18 years old.

Was I too fat when I donated blood?
No, i was not fat. I just weighed 45 kg, I guess it is more than enough.

Did I personally spend on any tests before donating blood?
No, I did not. A few basic tests were done in the blood camp/hospital itself e.g. Hemoglobin (Hb) level, blood pressure, weight.

Was I afraid of acquiring a disease/infection (like HIV) if I donated blood?
No, why should I be. I just made sure they used new disposable needle.

Did i feel pain while donating ?
No, I didn’t feel any pain during the process. Even the needle prick pain was only a matter of few seconds.

Did I get weak or sick after donating blood?
No, i did not get sick. I was perfectly alright after donating blood. I was asked to take rest for few minutes and then leave.

Did I run out of blood after donating?
No, I was not running short of any. They just took about 350 ml of blood from me and I was told that new blood would be produced within 48 hours inside my body. (Decrease in blood level induces the bone marrow to replenish new cells)

Did I spend the whole day in the blood camp?
No, i did not waste my whole day. It just took about 10-15 minutes to donate, less than an hour to travel to the destination. I think it is worth spending time for a good cause.

Did anyone invite me to donate blood?
No, nobody invited me. I volunteered myself to donate blood.

What did I gain by donating blood?

  • Basic tests were done e.g. Hb level, blood pressure..prick-nice
  • My body weight was checked.
  • Five basic tests were done for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis and malaria. Donor is immediately informed if any of these test found to be positive. Thank God, I was not informed of any.
  • I burnt 650 calories just by donating, good way to diet/remain fit :P
  • Because my iron deposits in my blood are removed when I donate regularly I reduce the chances of me getting a heart attack.
  • Got something to eat – a biscuit pack and an apple juice :P

I enjoyed donating blood. The feeling that I save 3 people every time i donate, is simply amazing. Neither me nor did the person who got my blood knew about each other. We did not know of each other’s age, sex, color, race, nationality, religion etc. All I knew was that I was doing the right thing!


  1. Human beings cannot be transfused with animal blood.
  2. Though science and technology has developed so much, man cannot even synthesize one drop of blood from scratch.

So, do not think twice whether to donate blood or not. Just take an hour break from your busy schedule and get into action. save2

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5 Responses to Blood Donation

  1. Ravoof says:

    Can Sadiq donate blood? hmmmm i wonder…..

    I’m not sure when I donated blood… i dont think i have. Let me start. …well at least for the biscuit pack and apple juice! lol

    good one fowji… keep writing. keep entertaining. keep donating!

  2. Okay As promised I have cleaned up your formatting mess. Please don’t use word and copy pate to wordpress. It is not good option. Instead directly draft your articles in wordpress. Don’t create too many catergories. Use catergory for main purpose and use tags as much as possible to differenitate the article for vairous possible topics :-)

    Good job and keep up the good work.

  3. Sadiq says:

    Well … I agree with everything.. but … How did u put the tagline for your blog like that? Oh my god.. Am ………!!!! speechless…

  4. Bharathi Ramachandran says:

    One small correction. The minimum weight required for blood donation is 55 i guess. In ma coll dey conducted blood donation camps many times and i got rejected once for having weight belown 55……. They even announced dat ppl with weight above 55 to volunteer.

  5. vimalin says:

    new way to council……great fowji…keep it up

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